Find A Course

You can search the website for upcoming LIfesaving Society courses.  

  • Search by level
  • Search by entering search terms,  a search term is the name of the course you are wanting,  type in the course, and select the region.
  • Search using the site search,  you can enter very specific information…  enter a date, course, location, or even a pool name, your search terms will be highlighted in the results, play around,  it is amazing.

If you do not see a course in your area, contact  your local pool to see if they will be offering the course you are looking for as not all courses get posted.   Be sure to register with the facility early to avoid course cancellations, many courses require class minimums in order to run.  

When you register (and on the first day of the class) be sure to have all your pre-requisites in order.   If you cannot find your certification card, you can use the Find-A-Member service to print out an award record. The Find-A-Member record will be sufficient proof of pre-requisites.  

To keep your certification cards organized, it is best to not keep cards in your wallet.   A Lifesaving Society  Award Card Holder can help organize your awards and you will always have all of your certifications handy when attending a course or Recert.